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German real estate market

Personalized selection

Investments in rental property and development projects in Germany

With German pedantry, we protect the interests of investors in the German real estate market

  • Individual solution of investment tasks
  • A wide range of investment objects and objects "off-market"
  • Simplicity and safety - full support by experienced specialists
  • Tax optimization and legal security
  • Attractive profitability

Individual approach and proven implementation methods

Profitable investment proposal in accordance with the individual strategy of the investor!

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Benefits of investing in real estate in Germany

  • Stable growth in property prices over the past 20 years
  • Property protected by German law
  • The growth of the rent per square meter
  • Severe shortage of housing
  • Low mortgage rates
  • Income in hard currency

We help you generate passive income from real estate

Development projects: residential and commercial

Multi-family residential buildings

Apartments (new buildings and secondary market)

Commercial objects: supermarkets, hotels

Nursing homes and other medical facilities

Looking for returns above 10%?
Investment ideas 2022

We help with the selection of an investment project, provide a full package of services for the implementation and management of projects throughout Germany
and offer special conditions for investing in North Rhine-Westphalia.

To get acquainted with all projects, leave a request. Our specialist will call you back and help you deal with all questions.
Prepare a personal selection of projects with a predicted return on each of them.

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Objects with discounts on request

Send a request, we will find profitable offers for you:

  • Оff-market objects
  • "Hot deals"
  • We organize viewings
  • We carry out an audit
  • We help to take ownership

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Advantages of our investors

A wide range of investment products - from the purchase of residential and commercial real estate to participation in development projects

Access to the closed market - the opportunity to purchase objects off-market

Exclusivity and individual approach - we will select a cost-effective object in accordance with your individual strategy

A variety of development projects, taking into account the main trends in the German market

Full confidential support of transactions in the "one window" mode

Cooperation with the best architects, developers and construction companies in North Rhine-Westphalia

Tax optimization and legal security

Powerful network of contacts and partners - we cooperate with highly professional specialists in the interests of our investors

In safe hands

A reliable partner in Germany is one of the main factors of successful investment for a foreign investor.
Experience and professionalism, connections and team, image and methodology of project implementation - that's what affects the success of your investment in Germany. Therefore, the main task for the investor at the initial stage is to choose the right partner.

Why are we recommended?

We value our reputation

It is important for us that our customers are satisfied with their choice, our work and the pricing policy of the company. We zealously defend the interests of our clients and provide strict control at all stages of the transaction, we know and comply with all legal norms and rules in accordance with European and international standards

We confirm our qualification

We enjoy providing quality and professional services to our clients. Our employees regularly undergo training and confirm their qualifications at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with the updated requirements of the country's legislation. MAAL is a member of the German Federal Real Estate Association (IVD), which makes it possible to cooperate with highly professional specialists in the interests of our clients

We are always on the client side

We are not dependent on sellers, we are not limited in the number of objects - we select real estate for an investor for a specific request, and do not try to sell what we have. We provide only verified and reliable information about the object. We guide the investor "by the hand" from the moment of the application for the selection of an investment object to the receipt of income from investments

We speak your language

MAAL is a German company, headed by professional specialists, natives of Germany. For the convenience of our clients, our company employs Russian-speaking and English-speaking employees who can explain even complex things in a simple and understandable language.

Investment tours 2021 – trips during the lockdown

How we met our investors in the first quarter of 2021 during the strict lockdown in Germany

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in Germany and advise on all issues related to the acquisition of real estate.

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