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Development projects in Germany

Where to invest?

Taking into account the main trends in the German market, categories of projects found to be most sought-after


Apartment buildings, micro-apartments
and social housing

  • acute shortage of new housing
  • home-office trend
  • population increase as a result of immigration
  • suburbanization

Commercial real estate

Retail and office, warehouse and
production facilities

  • top locations
  • long-term lease contracts
  • tenants of class AAA – A: city administrations, banks, major retailers and hotel chains

Complexes for the elderly

Specialized apartments and residential complexes for the elderly “all inclusive”

  • ageing society – lack of places
  • increased demand
  • more favorable conditions for loans
  • state subsidies

We work in your best interests

  • Developers with an impeccable reputation and more than 30 years of experience
  • The best architects of Germany and Europe are working on the design
  • Special conditions in North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Effective tax optimization algorithm
  • Legal protection of the investor and guarantees of the developer
  • Effective methods of tax optimization of transactions
  • Sale of apartments at the stage of development
  • Sale of commercial and residential properties at the development stage to large European investors
  • Professional brokerage: long-term lease agreements with guarantees are concluded at the design stage

Current construction projects

Investment ideas: projects with
high profitability on request

Short-term development projects: we provide calculations and cases of
the most cost-effective scenarios for the current period

  1. Purchase of a plot
  2. Design and permitting
  3. Sale of a plot with a working project

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We provide information about current construction projects, develop an investment model in the project,
prepare legal and tax solutions for the selected project

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Stages of the project


Choosing a project

We provide information about current construction projects: an expert assessment, performance analysis, a timetable for implementation and the result at the end of the project. You choose the project that suits you. We determine the model of participation in the project, legal structuring of the transaction, develop a tax solution and prepare contract documentation


Bank financing

We are engaged in the preparation and organization of legal registration of the transaction on the basis of the investor’s chosen model of participation in the project. We will organize the signing of the necessary documents for the start of the project. The developer organizes bank financing using the preferences that banks provide. You invest your share of the capital in the project



The developer organizes the entire process of implementing the construction project and carries out operational management. We control all activities related to the implementation of construction and installation works, monitor economic indicators and provide reporting to the investor



If the concept of the investment project provides for the sale of the constructed object as a whole, then we will organize a professional brokerage. The search for a tenant, negotiation and conclusion of a lease agreement are carried out exclusively by professionals in this field who have the best experience, connections and information necessary to attract tenants of class AAA – A, such as the city administration, bank, large retailers and hotel chains



If the concept of the investment project provides for the sale of individual units, the sales strategy and pricing policy are determined at the early stages of the project. The sale of apartments to the final consumer begins at the stage of “working project” in accordance with the legislative norms. The sale of a commercial property or an apartment building in its entirety may also already be launched before construction begins as part of the Forward Deal



The profit from the project is distributed on the basis of the selected model of the investor’s participation in the project. For example, the developer pays the investor a fixed interest on the basis of a loan agreement. Or the developer pays the investor a share of the profit of the project, if the investor became a co-founder of the project enterprise, created jointly with the developer for the implementation of the project

Portfolio – completed construction projects

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